Vortex Tunnel® Options and Add-Ons

ADA Approved Aluminum Floor Grating Add $1,100
High-Security Handrails Add $1,600
Extra Fabric at Time of Purchase Add $1,400
Upgrade to our BEST Deluxe Vertigo Fabric Add $500
Space Ghosts Fabric Add $500
Matrix Fabric Add $500
Mirror Panels (Set of 2)> Add $750
See-through Honeycomb Bridge Floor Add $500
ECO LED Blacklights 115v or 230v (Set of 6) Add $1,050
Spare Drive Motor - 115v Add $450
Spare Drive Motor - 230v Add $600
Spare Drive 115v Motor w/clutch, tire, power cord Add $715
Spare Drive 230v Motor w/clutch, tire, power cord Add $815
Motor Controller and Motion Sensor
(To turn off the tunnel spinning when there is no traffic)
Add $750
Int. Orders Requiring Fumigated or Heat Treated Crate Add $500
Vortex Tunnel Railing High Security Railing Option

Spinning Inside Tunnel Inside the Spinning Vortex Tunnel

Vortex Tunnel OperationsImportant Information & Guide
Tunnel Operation and Vortex User ManualOperation and User Manual